Once it is known, placed here is the NEXT WEEK'S SCHEDULE.

As of this posting on 3/17/20, Reel Deal Theater will close,
as advised by the NM Dept of Health because of COVID-19.
We are not sure how long it will take before we reopen, but we
have to do the socially responsible thing. We really appreciate
your business and hope to serve you again soon.
Thank you
Disclaimer: Movies typically run starting on Fridays.
The following movies are expected, but are not necessarily to open "on the break" and are subject to change depending on the available booking.
The Reel Deal is unable to promise any particular future showing for movies not currently in house.


My Spy
Expected soon
Rating: PG - 13 Running Time: 1:39
Movie Web Site
Expected soon
Rating: PG - 13 Running Time: 1:49
Movie Web Site
Expected soon
Rating: unknown Running Time: unknown
Movie Web Site
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